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     For the benefit of our non-resident members and others interested in the Gospel who are unable to attend our services, the Sunday Sermons and the evening Bible Studies are recorded and available for you to listen to, or if you wish, you may order them on CD or DVD in a variety of formats.

     We have almost 3,000 messages going back some 35 years, all the way back to the constitution of the Detroit Church in 1977, so pull up a chair, get comfortable, and spend some quality time browsing our site to see what we have to offer.

From the Pastor's Study A series of recent thoughts and meditations from the study of Pastor Ben Mott.


New_Burst 3.0 ~ New Features!

     We've been working hard to implement new features and make it easier to navigate the site. Here are some of the new features for you to check out!

Site Search: The flagship of our new features, with Site Search you can now search for keywords or phrases in all the files on our site, including all of the outlines! We expect this will be a great help in finding what you need.

Live Titles: Throughout the site the sermon titles are now live. That means that you can click on any message title to get more information about it.

Recent Sermons: You'll see on the right side of most pages a list of the last 10 messages. Click on any title to view more information about each message.

Most Listened To: Just below Recent Sermons is a list of the 10 most listened to audios. Click on any title to view more information about each message.

Most Watched: Below the Most Listened To you will find a list of the 10 most watched videos. Again, jsut click on any title for more information.

Multiple Speakers: Often times Pastor Mott has asked various brethren to present short messages at a Bible Study or even at Church. These messages are now broken out so that you can listen to them individually as well.

eBooks: Several of the outlines have been produced into books. These are freely available in both pdf and ebook formats. Additionally several have also been published and you may purchase either paperback or hardcover copies for your library.

Outlines: We now have an outline page where you can peruse a list of all the outlines that are currently available. They are listed in order with the most recent first.

Fundamentals: A page of sermons dealing with basic issues. Click on any title for more information.

Contact Us: We have a new contact form to simplify sending us your comments and feedback. As always, any suggestions that you may have to help us improve the site are appreciated.

About Us: now has an interactive map that you can use to provide driving directions to our Sunday morning Worship service.

Our web site is a work in progress. We are constantly trying to improve the site, so please let us know if you have any suggestions or if you encounter any difficulties.


Jim & Kathy